Montmorency Leadership Day

Yesterday all the Grade 5 students went on a trip to Montmorency Secondary College. We were all split up into coloured groups and I was in RED! In our groups we had two student leaders from Monty taking us to each activity.

Throughout the day we went to ten activities were we had to use different strategies to complete them including, Initiative,                    Co-operation, Teamwork and lots more.

I really enjoyed yesterday and I think my fellow Grade 5 students enjoyed it as well.

Comment on these questions below.

Did You Enjoy Yesterday? Why?

What Group Were You In?

One thought on “Montmorency Leadership Day

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I was in Red team with you! I liked yesterday because all the activities were really fun! I especially liked Flying Blinds, The Jewel Thief and the MnM race because they taught us a lot about leadership.
    From Louise.

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