Cause & Effect


Cause and effect is when is an event happens and something follows eg. I didn’t bring my homework in (Cause) I got in trouble (Effect)

Today we watched a YouTube video and we made a table writing down all of the causes and effects in the video.image

Here is my table!


How to Make Quality Post

What Is a Quality Post

A quality post is a post that is good quality and include the things below

Things to Include in a Quality Post

  • Title
  • Photos (Optional Makes it Better) (Needs to Be Refrenced)
  • Description
  • Questions (Make Sure They Aren’t Closing Questions) (Make Them in Colour)
  • Correct Spelling and Punctuation
  • No Text Talk
  • No Hashtags

Comment on These Questions Below

What Are Some Other Things You Need to Include?

What Do You Think a Quality Post is?




How To Tie Your Shoelaces


Today we made a procedure about how to tie your shoelaces.

We had to follow the steps and take photos of every step. Then we inserted the photos in to the table above.

Comment on these questions below.

How Do You Tie Your Shoelaces?

Do You Think That Pictures or Photos are Easier to Follow?